Monday, February 27, 2012

Sensational Sewing Challenge- Fantastic Felt!

This month at sensational sewing challenge the theme is Fantastic Felt! I made felt hearts!

My hearts!

Please try and enter, it is open until the 29th of February. You can enter here

Love Nancy

Happy Birthday Mommy And 41 Things We Love About You!!!

On the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) it was my mom’s birthday! Kelly and I made my Mom a special birthday meal! Kelly did the cooking and I did the table setting!  

The menu was:

 Roast Chicken with Garlic, Rosemary and Lemon
Fresh Green Salad
Green Beans and carrots fried in butter
Roast Potatoes
Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce

The roast Chicken was Delicious!

One of my favourite salads is a fresh green salad!

This is a family favourite!

The Green Beans and carrot salad was very nice!

The food was almost finished cooking when the electricity went off! So none of the dishes looked quite like we wanted them to, and we could not play music during the meal as we had planned! The electricity did not go on until sometime late that night when we were all asleep! Luckily my dad was able to set up our small gas stove to finish the food, otherwise it would have been bye- bye to the birthday meal! 

I cut 8 hearts out of pretty scrapbooking paper and wrote everybody’s name on the front and a little message on the back as place setting cards! I got the gorgeous flowers from our neighbour as our flower garden is non-existent for now. Because the electricity went off we had to use candles so that we could see what we were eating!

We gave my mom her present and cards before supper. Kelly, my dad and I got mom a Pasta making machine for her birthday! Mom was soooo happy!

Mom’s present! I wrapped it and Kelly made the card!

41 Things We Love About You!

1. You are the BEST mom in the world!
2. We love the way you prepare exciting things for us for school!
3. We love the way you taught us to be neat and tidy!
4. We are so blessed to have a mom who gave up her life to home-educate us!
5. We love how you strive to live your life according to the Bible; training us in the ways of the Lord and loving your husband!
 6. We love the way you always smile!
7. I love the way helped me learn to sew!
8. I think you are the prettiest lady in the world!
9. We love the way you always do crafts with us!  
10. We all love you soooo much!
11. We love how you get excited about everything!  
12. We love how you are always interested in everything we do!
13. We love the way you always encourage us to be creative!
14. You are always so patient with us!
15. You are always helping us with our projects, and not getting to do yours!
16. We love the way you taught us to be ladies!
17. You are the most wonderful lady in the world!
18. We love the way you always help us even when you are busy!
19.  We love the way you are always so cheerful!
20. You are always there for me!
21. You always look beautiful!
22. You always make all of us feel happy and cheerful!
23. We love you being our mom; we do not want another mom!
24. You are the best teacher ever!
25. We love the delicious meals you make for us!
26. We love how you make the most out of every situation!
27. You are always so happy!
28. We love the way you taught us how to cook and bake!
29. You always think about others before yourself!
30. We love how you take care of your family!
31. We love the way you taught us to be Godly young ladies!
32. We love the way you inspire us!
33.  We love how you read the Bible to us and teach us about Jesus.
34.  We love the fact that you sing with us each day, praising the Lord!
35. You are so very creative!
 36. I love how you help me with my blog posts, correcting every one (except this one)!
37. We love how you established our love for learning by teaching us new things in fun and exciting ways!
38. We love the fact that you love Daddy so much.
39. I love how you encouraged me to read; now I love reading so much!
40. We love how you help us with our business making fudge to sell at the Outeniqua Farmer’s Market each Saturday!
41. We love you for just being who you are – our wonderful mother!

Love Nancy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our New House!

On Sunday, the 29th of January, we moved into our new house! We were all so excited! It is not too far from our old house, so the drive was not long! The kittens did not like driving in the car and meowed a lot! The little ones thought that moving was a great adventure and enjoyed it lots! Our new house is much bigger than our old house and it is also on a farm! It needs a lot of work, but, when we are done, it will be beautiful! We can have animals, a veggie garden and lots of flowers! I will be posting again soon about our lives on our new farm! Have a good weekend! 

Love Nancy