Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Have Geese In Our Garden!

 We have a family of geese living in our garden and they have had goslings!  The other day my mom caught two of the goslings!  I helped Beth and Gabrielle hold them.

Gabrielle holding a gosling!(3)
Beth (6)
Rebekah wasn’t so keen! (1)
Me! ( 11)
When we lived in Natal Kelly and I had three goslings named Peggy, MacGyver and Cheepy.  They all died.  I stepped on MacGyver, we think Cheepy was killed by a rat and Peggy died from cold while we were away.   
Me (7)

Beth (2) and I.
Just another advantage of living on a farm!
Love, Nancy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thursday was my 11th birthday!
It’s a pity birthday’s are only once a year!
In our home we don’t do chores on our birthday so that we have time to play with our presents.
I am getting a kitten from my mom and dad as soon as they can find one as it is not cat season yet.

My mom and I pinning.
So my mom and I spent the day making a teddy bear instead. My mom used to make traditional jointed teddy bears to sell at markets and shops, so she has plenty of experience. 

Kelly teaching me blogging skills!

My blog – no posts yet!

My sister Kelly, from Beautiful Girlhood , helped me set up my blog as her present to me.

A friend of mine made me a yummy cake with jelly eggs on top!

Me eating yummy cake!

It was a lovely birthday!

Love,  Nancy