Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabrielle!

On the 17 of April it was Gabrielle, my little sister’s, birthday!!! She turned 5!!!

Gabrielle on her birthday!

I made her a bedside holdall and gave her a notebook and pen to go in it! Mom and Dad gave her a pink polar fleece blanket and my Granny and Oupa gave her a ‘Hello Kitty’ Lego set! Beth got her a pink foam princess craft kit to make a crown, wand and a hand mirror by yourself! Rebekah gave her a skipping rope and Sofia gave her a wooden doll’s house doll.   

Gabrielle and her cake!

We went to our friends for a braai later. It was such a lovely evening and Gabrielle had so much fun! She had to go on a treasure hunt to look for her present (from our friends), which was a pink bicycle!!! Gabrielle was soooo excited!!!

I hope you had a lovely day Gabrielle!

Love, Nancy