Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Rebekah!!!

Rebekah on her birthday!

On Sunday the 3rd of June it was my little sister Rebekah’s birthday! She turned 3!!!! She had a ‘Dress-UP’ party! Everyone had to ‘Dress-UP’.

Sofia really liked the idea of ‘dressing-up’!!

Beth really dressed the part!


Even Sofia dressed up in a pretty dress!!!

She invited Beth, Gabrielle and our neighbours. The invitations were handbags with an iced biscuit inside. We got the party theme from an IDEAS magazine.

My Mom and I made the handbags out of scrap-booking paper!

The inside of the handbags.

My Mom and I made the biscuits!

Rebekah and her presents!

Rebekah opening her present!

The party table! We got the paper dolls from the IDEAS magazine too.

The cake!!
I made the cake batter and my mom iced it. Inside the cake there was a big surprise! Rebekah was wondering the whole day what the surprise was, I mean, what can be in the cake other than cake?

And the big surprise was...


Rebekah was so surprised to see a colourful cake!!

But no matter what the colour the cake was she still enjoyed it!!!

Rebekah and her cake!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday ‘Madam Rebekah’!!

Love Nancy