Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Have Geese In Our Garden!

 We have a family of geese living in our garden and they have had goslings!  The other day my mom caught two of the goslings!  I helped Beth and Gabrielle hold them.

Gabrielle holding a gosling!(3)
Beth (6)
Rebekah wasn’t so keen! (1)
Me! ( 11)
When we lived in Natal Kelly and I had three goslings named Peggy, MacGyver and Cheepy.  They all died.  I stepped on MacGyver, we think Cheepy was killed by a rat and Peggy died from cold while we were away.   
Me (7)

Beth (2) and I.
Just another advantage of living on a farm!
Love, Nancy


  1. Hey my wonderful little sister! Your blog is great! Love the photographs!

    Much love,

  2. Hi Nancy
    Wonderful that you have a blog too now!
    Happy birthday :)
    My oldest daughter loves reading about your and Kelly's farm adventures and she loves horses too. She is 6 years old. Happy blogging.