Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Giveaway at Beautiful Girlhood! {DON’T MISS IT!!}

My sister, Kelly-Anne, at Beautiful Girlhood, is celebrating 50 followers with a wonderful Giveaway!! She is offering one copy of a movie called Ever After - a Cinderella story. To enter you must leave a comment on her blog HERE.  Giveaway closes on the 25th of November!  

M y views on Ever After...

Ever After is a clean, romantic movie based on the well known fairytale, Cinderella!  It is old fashioned, with beautiful dresses, horses and carriages, balls and lots more!

Don’t miss it!!

Love Nancy


  1. Yay! A giveaway! That's real nice of you to make a giveaway. :) Awesome, Kelly-Anne!
    Lots of love,