Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

On the 8th of January my mom and dad celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary! We all went to Jubilee Creek and had a picnic. The littles played in the creek and Kelly and I found a deeper spot to swim in! It was soooo much fun!!!

Mommy and Daddy!

Beth at Jubilee Creek!

Gabrielle swimming in the ‘deep part’

Rebekah just resting in the water!

Kelly and I were very busy before the day making presents for our mom and dad!
We both made them a card and I made a felt heart that said Mom and Dad 18 Years!

My card!

 I made a wire heart and threaded it with beads!

The felt heart

The mosaic wall-hanging!

The other day when my mom was trying to clear the kitchen table she accidently bumped my mug over and it broke, so Kelly and I decided to make a mosaic wall-hanging with the pieces of the mug for their anniversary. We used 3 different wooden heart sizes, organza ribbon, paper roses and beads. I hope you both had a lovely day mom and dad!

Love Nancy

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