Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming Sarafina and Tiffany!

Welcoming Sarafina and Tiffany, our new kittens! Tiffany is my kitten and Sarafina is the family kitten, though I look after them both. Sarafina got her name from one of the little ones movies! And Tiffany got her name from a restaurant!   
                                                Tiffany my kitten

    and Sarafina, the family kitten. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Tiffany playing in the grass!


So Tiffany is my new kitten! I love her soooo much (I love Sarafina just as much!)!!!!!
I will post an update on them soon! Have a happy New Year everyone!

Love Nancy


  1. Aww!! They are both sooo adorable!! I hope that you enjoy your new kittens, Nancy! :)
    (I LOVE the names!!

  2. Awe! What a cute kitten. :] Your blog looks really cute..

  3. Hi Nacny the kittens are adorable and so are the pictures

  4. Hi Nacy the kitten are soooooooo cute and the pictures are beautiful I like the top of Tiffeny and the bottem one of Sarafina I miss you so much lots of love Zoe